Thursday, October 10, 2013

Andrew Luck

So I'm watching the show 'Turning Point' on NBC Sports and one of the games that they were covering was the Seattle Seahawks versus the Indianapolis Colts (week 5). 

This is going to be a quick post because I just wanted to make the point that on the 2nd TD throw from Luck to Hilton, I witnessed one of the best passes that I have ever seen from a rookie/sophomore QB! 

First of all I need to make the points that a) it came against the Seattle defense in "crunch time" (which is when their secondary plays at it's best) and b) it came against Browner, one of the best corners in the league. 

It happened with T.Y. Hilton running a streak down the left sideline. Thanks to Luck "looking over" safety Chancleor III and keeping him to the right hand side of the secondary with Seattle in a 'Cover 3', he was able to keep Hilton's coverage to a one-on-one match-up between he and Browner. 

Luck looked back to his left and then ripped a 30-yd fucking perfect arching dart which literally landed within centimeters of what would be the perfect spot! In other words, Hilton didn't have to slow down, speed up, readjust his height or reach back etc etc. I'm not joking or being overly dramatic, the ball looked like it materialized into the young receiver's hands in the endzone. 

I've been watching football since I was two years old. For those who know me, football was my "escape" when I was a young tween/teen. I've been obsessively watching the sport for decades. But not just watching for fun, oh no...watching to learn. Trying to learn the game by paying attention to everything and I mean everything! Defense, offense, formations, the way an injured player who's hiding it looks when they walk, trying to figure out early in a game how the rest of the game will play out. My favorite thing then and still to this day, is to try and predict which college players and/or young NFL rookies will turn out to be solid pros. 

The only reason why I mentioned my past as it pertains to football is to make the point that I have watched a lot QBs in my life. Some were good, most were bad and a few have been absolutely amazing, as in "Hall of Fame amazing"! From what I can see in Andrew Luck so far? Two words…John Elway! I'm being totally serious. Nimble, extremely mobile, a cannon for an arm. Just like "7", "12" has the ability to scramble out of a collapsing pocket and while rolling out to his left, like Elway, Luck owns the skill to not only throw across his body while on the run, he has the ability to make that throw a fucking howitzer shot! I love it. 

The 30-yard TD pass to Hilton late in the game was in my opinion the perfect description of Andrew Luck. I'm sure a diehard Colts' fan can probably dig up an even more stupendous pass by the guy, but what I love about the one I saw was the situation surrounding the pass! The heat was on, the game was on the line, the Colts were playing right into Seattle's strengths and what did Luck do? Well besides making an absolute perfect pass, he fooled a defense that has been talked about as having the chance to be known as one of the best defenses ever. 

He won the game. The Colts make me sick. They have a fantastic 15 year ride w/ Manning and now, as soon as Peyton retires—after he wins back-to-back Super Bowl championships with my beloved Denver Broncos—they will once again be able to claim residence of the NFL's best active QB! Fuck you guys! ;)

Anyway, I just wanted to put some light on an amazing throw. Not to take anything away from T.Y. Hilton though! That was a perfect route, a perfect head-check, perfect body placement and then followed all up by making a perfect catch. The kid is amazing and I think he will be one of the league's best playmakers in the oncoming years. To pat myself on the back a little, I've noticed this kid's ability years before he was a household name while at Stanford. 

Oh and yeah you're correct...Elway went to Stanford too! ;)


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

FOX Sports 1 & 2 (FS1/FS2) Just Might Work!

I actually have a good feeling about FOX Sports 1 and FOX Sports 2 (FS1/FS2) that are about to drop on August 17th. First and foremost I like the branding. I also like the fact that they're using numbers in their names. That's actually a smart move. I also think that having two different channels in their sport's network is also an intelligent move. It's kind of ESPN-ish sans the whole ridiculous ESPN 4 and ESPN W or whatever the fuck they have gong on over there at ABC. 

From a meat & potatoes standpoint here's what FS1 & FS2 have in their stable: MLB, NASCAR, UFC, FIFA, the Big-12 and the PAC-12!! Now from a totally selfish pov, the fact that I now can have a channel dedicated to the PAC-12 & Big-12, especially for football, makes me a very-very happy guy! Especially because I'm living out here in "college football Hell" aka New England. I'll finally feel a little more connected to my beloved sport. That's a whoooole other topic for another day, but holy FUCK was I totally unprepared for how unbelievably barren NE is when it comes to CFB…NO FUCK THAT…when it comes to football in general! This place is about as football orientated as the Baseball Hall of Fame! For reals. Nothing here even resembles…see!? I'm doing it again! I'm going off on a tangent that is totally taking me away from my topic. 

So FS1/FS2 has a strong lineup of sports, but what's going to make it shine will be it's shows and staffs! I'm telling you, if they manage to produce sharp shows that look great and are flooded w/ tons of info, stats and witty op-ed then I really do think that the network will do well. 

I was imagining a hard hitting NFL show that is full of great info and looks. A show that intelligently ties itself in to a college show would be A-fucking-mazing! One seamless segue from one land into the other. Because as it stands now, you have ESPN which has done an amazing job of making CFB & the NFL seem like completely different planets from each other (stupid) and then you have the NFL Network which only talks about CFB when they're covering their own draft (duh)! 

I'm glad that I brought up ESPN & the NFL Network because I want to talk about another one of my wishes for the new channels. Please make it clear to us viewers that you are NOT in bed with the commissioners of the leagues and the presidents of the player/driver unions! Please!? I feel like the other networks are so full of shit that the only way I ever get real information is when I go online and visit the local newspaper websites from wherever the team I'm interested in is from. BOOOO! Too tedious and too ridiculous for someone who is NOT working for the press. That's your job! I guess what I'm asking for is an actual "sports NEWS" network versus a sport's highlights network. 

I have a good feeling based on what I've been reading from industry sites and rags. Hopefully FOX Sports 1 & FOX Sports 2 gets it right and becomes the sports network for intelligent sports fans who don't a high school "home" five days a week. I mean lets face it, that's what ESPN has become. Listen to the verbiage that their hosts use and fuck…look at how they try to dumb down everything because they assume that the majority of their viewership only knows that the NFL is TDs, MLB is the home run and the NBA is the dunk. The NFL Network is a lot better than ESPN, however there are two major flaws re: "The Network"...oops isn't that actually reserved for "the Mothership"!? LOL. Where was I? Ahh yes, NFL Network's major "mehs" are: 1) it's OWNED by the NFL and 2) this is a tough one, it only covers one league…it's own. Other than that the NFL Network actually gets a lot right. They usually don't hold back re: topics that need to be discussed even if they are topics that are not too flattering for the league—√† la the Aaron Hernandez situation. There are great shows on the channel but like I said, at the end-of-the-day, it's owned by the NFL so it always going to lack that…that thing. I don't know, that feeling that you're not being bullshitted. Because Roger Goodell is a fucking asshole and I just know that the NFL Network would never report that he's a fucking asshole (because 75% of its on-air personalities are ex-players who know that Goodell is a prick). 

Well I spent a lot of time talking about football, but one last thing I want to add is in regards to the "look" of the new network. I'm telling you-telling you-telling you! If the set looks dope (uncluttered and bright) in conjunction w/ smart, sharp and meaningful graphics the new FOX Sports channels are going to thrive. Learn from your past mistake and do NOT try to be the smart ass version of ESPN.   

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Evil Dead Redux

999 times out of 1000 I will tell you how much I hate movie remakes. H-A-T-E them! They always suck. I don't care how many millions of dollars you spent on cgi, you ruined it. 

But I've gotta say that the remake of Evil Dead is fucking awesome. I realize that a huge reason why it was a successful remake was because a lot of the people who worked on the original, also worked on the remake. Very good idea to whoever decided to make that a sticking point. 

A big reason why Evil Dead was such a huge movie for me as a kid was the setting. Maybe it helped that my aunt & uncle owned a tiny musty cabin smack dab in the middle of a thick coastal Washington State forest. A cabin which my family would go to visit and stay at least four times a year. A little place that was set inside woods so thick that even the midday summer sunshine couldn't break through. Moss covered everything so thickly and so completely, that I was always reminded of the second story in Stephen King's 1982 horror classic 'Creepshow' (directed by George Romero btw). That was the story about the meteor that lands in Jordy the country-bumpkin's field. *SPOILER ALERT* After touching the meteor, Jordy's hand and eventually whole body become covered in what can only be described as moss. As the story comes to a close, everything is covered in "space moss".  Well there was so much moss covering everything at the cabin, that I always thought of that 'Creepshow' story

I was scared shitless of that forest especially at night, but even in the daytime I would sit near the fire pit staring into the trails, footpaths leading off to other dark places and my mind would have no trouble at all creating the movements of evil entities. The thing that really scared me about the place was the forest. Whenever I'd take adventures into the woods and after about one-hundred yards it would always hit me like a ton of bricks. There's just a weird creepy feeling to brackish woods like that. A good reason why throughout history, whenever humans lived in or around places like that they would always have the scariest fucking mythology. 

'Evil Dead' had captured that same look and sense of dread all without breaking out a single demon. So naturally as soon as those assholes came in, then the movie went from scary as all hell to the "best-of-the-best"—in my young opinion of course. 

Listen, without going into great details about differences and similarities between the original and the remake let me just say this…the remake recaptures the same feelings that the original created. That's what so many current horror movies fail to realize. Good horror is about emotions not how fucking real your creature looks. The ED remake has that same're stuck in this damp musty old cabin not just in the middle of nowhere, but in the middle of dark and scary woods that probably have dead buried somewhere not too far away. Then add to that a creepy book of the dead to bring out the worst that the forest has to offer and voil√†! You've got a remake worth attaching your name too. 

It's definitely worth picking up and watching. 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I know It Shouldn't Shock Me But...

Driving down Greenwich Ave today in Warwick, RI (which tells you everything you need to know about what I'm about to share) at just a little past noon. Now for those of you who are not familiar with Greenwich Ave or Warwick for that matter let me explain real quick.

Greenwich Ave is a lot like Mill Plain Blvd in Vancouver, WA or 122nd Ave in Portland, OR. A fairly busy thoroughfare. Okay so were driving through a busy intersection thanks to a shopping center which is home to a Stop & Shop (which is kind of like a Safeway of the Northeast) and a Lowe's. Real busy intersection regardless of time of day.

So were in the left lane (thank God) and about half a block up the road, in the same direction of travel as us in the right lane is a car completely stopped with it's hazard lights blinking. Obviously a dead car or a blown tire or something right!? I mean why else would you stop in the middle of a lane and turn on your hazard lights??

As we got closer I noticed what looked like the car's reverse lights on and the car looked like it was rolling backwards a little bit. I thought to myself, "Noooooooooo, there is NO WAY someone would actually be reversing into ONCOMING TRAFFIC would they? I mean I know we're in Rhode Island, home to the worst drivers in North America, but no one would be that fucking stupid right? RIGHT!?"

Boy was I right and wrong all at the same time! I was correct in the observation dept, while being totally wrong with my expectations! I never thought that I would ever see something worse than the million and one other dumb things that I've seen Rhode Islanders do on the roads and highways.

What we witnessed was a person in their oh I don't know...mid-thirties, who missed their left turn (keep in mind that they were in the right lane) which would have taken them to the shopping center. So instead of doing what people in the rest of the country do, which would have been to travel another one-hundred-feet to the next intersection which had a signal and take a u-turn. She (the dumb ass driver) decided to come to a COMPLETE STOP, REVERSE AGAINST TRAFFIC (while this is happening the rest of us are swerving out of the way of each other and almost creating pile-ups left and right), and attempt to pull off a 3-PT TURN and DRIVE AGAINST TRAFFIC IN THE WRONG DIRECTION FOR 50FT AND MAKE THEIR LEFT...ERR...RIGHT TURN.

The end. I hate you Rhode Island drivers. You're the worst...ever!

Monday, April 23, 2012


So it has been forever and a day since the last post I put in this here web page! Things have just been so crazy and NONE of it has been good! Well I take that back...there have been good things...but they've all come recently. Which is totally 100% a-okay with me, don't get me wrong, I'm just trying to say that the bad times were very top-heavy. Which once again is a good-thing, seeing how you just have to get through those bad times and in a situation like this where it was/has been a struggle all the time and all have it all end suddenly and break open with positive light has been a relief.

Alicia's grandmother Ann (aka "Annie-O") passed away. It was devastating for the entire family but especially for Alicia and her sister Deanna. I felt so bad for everyone. Over the last year, Annie-O and I became friends. I love her and miss her.

I'll get more into the bad which turned good in a later post. I just wanted to break the wax-seal that formed on my dear ol' Inventory Report.

p.s. I cannot.fucking.believe. that Peyton Manning went to my beloved Broncos!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

You Get What You Deserve Massholes

All I'm going to say is that Massachusetts and the Democrats are going to get what they deserve tonight with the ass kicking that Coakley is going to get!

How in the hell did the Democrat Party not learn it's lesson after the last eight years!? Are you fucking kidding me? How did this party not learn that the American people are not looking for silver-spoon Northeast elitists who have no idea what it's like to be a middle-class American. The Republican Party cornered the market on this need albeit deceptively and only because Karl Rove used decades of data, but they used what Americans wanted.

Obama and his crew took advantage of this and he got elected. Then almost immediately turned away from those of us who elected him and then filled an entire cabinet of Wall Street elites. Hmmm. Very nice Obama...very nice.

And now up in Massachusetts you have Coakley. This woman is the epitome of Northeast Elite. Trust me I'm surrounded by them everyday...they're the most out-of-touch people you will EVER meet! In fact they piss me off more than the FOX News Rightie...well that's saying a lot so let me say that they piss me off equally. But seriously this woman can't tell you the last time she worried about a paycheck not covering all of the bills. She can't tell you how many miles are on her car. She can't tell you how much a gallon of milk costs. Do my politicians have to be from the middle class only? No--of course not, but I do want to see my party learn from the last eight years and it obviously hasn't.

In fact I can make the case that the Dems are worse off because this party has acted just as cocky as the Republicans did in 2000. And unlike the Repugs who were able to act as a whole back in 2000 and get the things that they wanted done, the Dems do nothing but fight amongst themselves and try to see who has the most power...on the hill or in the house!

All I know is here we are again...a party defined by haughty elitists who all I want to do is knock the fuck out for using my vote to get or stay in office and then languishing and crying about how nothing that they want gets done.

So to Coakley I say this: you didn't deserve that seat BITCH! That seat belonged to the people and you did nothing to earn it's spot. You deserve everything you get tonight. Enjoy!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Why the Fact That I Follow the NHL Is Different

So this upcoming New Years Day (Fri) will mark the third year of an NHL Winter Classic game being played. In case you're not familiar with the Winter Classic Game it's a regular season game between two NHL teams in which their game is played OUTDOORS in an open-air stadium. This year we will see the Philadelphia Flyers going up to Boston to play the Bruins in Fenway Park! There's just something so cool looking about NHL being played outdoors—especially if it's snowing.

Anyways I just think that the way the NHL has been handling it's comeback from the lockout days when it looked like the NHL was actually going to dissolve, to see where the league is now is a breath of fresh air.

The funny thing is that I am a newcomer when it comes to the NHL. I haven't been following it for years like I have the NFL or NBA. Something that's interesting and totally a different conversation (and ties into a soon to be published post re: ball clubs from the Pac-NW), is the way that I stopped being such a sports nut as soon as I stopped hanging out with my group of friends from my late-teens and early-to-mid twenties. Back in the day I not only followed all of the major sports, but I was fiercely dedicated to "my teams". I mean there was once a time when I was such a die hard fan of the New York Knicks that whenever they lost a regular season game I wouldn't watch SportsCenter that night because I couldn't stand seeing the "highlights" from the loss. Nowadays I could almost care less about the Knicks and actually find myself rooting for the once hated Portland Trail Blazers. The real difference has less to do with what team I might root for and more to do with the fact that I could give two shits about the NBA! I can't even tell you who won the NBA championship last season. Scratch that—I know that the LA Lakers won but only because I downloaded the demo of NBA 2K10 for my PS3 and because it was just a demo version the only teams available to play with are the two teams who played in the NBA Finals and seeing the Lakers jogged my memory and that's when I remembered them winning it all. But I couldn't tell you who won the last five championships, and there was once a time when I could not only tell you who won the Finals but who they played as well as all of the teams who made the playoffs from the last five years!

But this lack of interest just doesn't fall onto the NBA, I used to be a nut when it came to MLB and my beloved Los Angeles Dodgers. And while I have shown an interest in the Dodgers recently, I don't care about them anymore. I don't care about their rivalry with the once much hated SF Giants and I don't care about their players. In fact it is in my opinion that major league baseball should be gutted by the federal government because of how tainted the sport is with PEDs*. I also used to give a shit about UCLA in both football and in basketball. This last college football season I watched the Bruins' second game of the season against the University of Tennessee Vols but that was it! I didn't watch another UCLA football game for the rest of the year! In fact I can't even tell you who the QB of the UCLA football team and again nor do I care.

I think a lot of what me such a huge sports fan from my late-teens to my mid-20s were two factors. The first and foremost reason was my group of friends back then. With the exception of Steve who doesn't care about sports at all with the exception of the NY Yankees (and even then it's still a fair weather thing), all of my friends in our tight knit group were not just sports fans, we were die hard followers of our teams. It was the focus of our friendships in most cases. Most of our get-together's were based on sports events, and many of our discussions were based on our opinions about a particular league, or a team, a game or a player.

I think the other factor which lead to my obsession of certain leagues and teams was the fact that at that point in my life I had no passions about meaningful life topics. No matter how important sports are to a nation or group of people, it's not important in the large scheme of things. It now makes me sick to know that certain people my age (and older) know more about sports than they do their own surroundings. The fact that there are Americans who don't know a single thing about their own nation's activities around the globe but can recite to you the top-10 ERAs in pro-baseball makes me want to fuck them up.

Now while the two factors that I just mentioned is what brought me to those leagues, the disappearance of those factors is not what pushed me away from those leagues! The reason why I no longer care about the MLB or the NBA is because those leagues all changed, but not for the better. Anyone who thinks that the isolation offense and a league of players who can't shoot hoops is as exciting as the NBA that I fell in love with are just kidding themselves because they don't want to face the music. And anyone who thinks that watching an entire league of cocky baseball players who are all jacked on PEDs is fun has got to be a fucking idiot! I can't watch those leagues because they are leagues without heart or emotions and full of smokescreens. The only league(s) that I watch but with less emotion would be the NCAA teams and to be honest I still have the emotion but for different teams now. I was a huge UCLA fan because for whatever reason I wanted to be identified by my past in Southern California. But now because my heart is firmly staked in the Pacific-Northwest I have found myself rooting for Ducks, Beavers, Vikings and Huskies. But make no mistake...MLB and the NBA are garbage.

What the hell does any of this have to do with why it's "different" that I follow the NHL? It's different because I never once followed the NHL before. I never did because it wasn't an accepted sport within our group of friends. So I never followed it—which pisses me off now because I missed out on so much good sports moments! I will forever be a dedicated NFL fan! That's never going to change unless for whatever reason the Denver Broncos were to disappear. But while I have dropped sports which no longer appeal to me, I have adopted the NHL. Why? Because it's a sports league which is based more on unique and exceptional talent that the average human being just doesn't have than most other leagues! Especially after trying to skate on ice for the first time myself do I realize how crazy it is to see those guys do what they do. To see guys all just as big as NFL linebackers skate around on ice at speeds of what seems like 40mph who have added 6-inches to their already 6' 4" frames trying to pass a little puck to each other and then get it past a guy who specializes in stopping pucks is insane to me and wildly entertaining! Not to mention that NHL players are allowed to fight each other is heavenly if you ask me. The fact that fighting is a part of the game makes hockey different. Not because it's cool that they are allowed to fuck each other up, but because of what it says about the sport. It's old school, it's raw and it's more emotional than any other sport! Emotions have more influence on a hockey game than any other game in any other sport sans maybe football.

For the first time the NHL is marketing their sport on these emotions. Playing a game with the design that hockey has brings out emotions that influence so much of the game, from team chemistry to how much a player can fight through their own exhaustion. I came to the realization that ice hockey has the tough fight and emotion of a football game that is played three-to-four times a week! So this has an interesting effect on the game itself, teams are able to go on amazing streaks as well as demoralizing ruts all based on what the team is feeling as a collective-whole. The style of physical battle that hockey brings to the table, a battle that is only rivaled by the play between the offensive and defensive lines in football, makes for better team play by a club's players. The different lines and the fact that those lines change while the game is playing are all amazing to me. And when it's all said and done, the ultimate equalizer is that if a guy on the other team is acting a fool and sending cheap shots all game long, you send your toughest motherfucker out there to go and try to beat the fuck outta that piece of shit! Ha ha ha. To see a team who is losing by two goals get fired up by seeing one of their teammates win a fight out on the ice and answer with three goals to win the game is priceless!

I don't know exactly what it was that made me get into the NHL, but I love not just the NHL as a league, but ice hockey as a sport. I finally get what makes it such a loved league and sport. It's hard for me to explain my feelings for the NHL. But I think that I have come on in a good time...a renaissance so to speak. I am glad that I wasn't into it before the lockout because from what I have heard from NHL fans is that the league was in a very bad place then and the sport wasn't being played like it should be played and worst yet the NHL fan was not being catered to. And the fact that the NHL almost went away forever has made the league design everything around the fan—which no other league can say, not even the NFL.

So I will be watching the 3rd NHL Winter Classic this year knowing that it's entire existence is based entirely on the NHL's fan base. We wanted a yearly game with some meaning to be played outdoors in the cold and that's what we got. We wanted more open play without seeing the defense have it's hands tied and that's what we got. We wanted to see more talent spread through the league so that old rivalries as well as new ones could flourish and that's what we got.

The NHL is going to be just fine and I know this because North Americans almost lost it forever. And because the NHL found out on it's deathbed that the league needed to be about the fans and not the players and owners, it took it's second chance and ran with it and picked up thousands upon thousands of fans just like me. Fans that will be around forever as long as it's about us.

* PEDs (performance enhancing drugs)